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No new episode this week - Week of 9/29/21

The Fellowship regrets to announce that we do not have a new episode for you this week. This one was planned, as we get ourselves ready for our usual Halloween madness. We'll be back next week with more of our usual silly behavior. If you have a moment, though, check out our website and our weekly picks, and maybe grab a rerun episode to listen to. And if we don't say it enough, thank you for listening and hanging out with us 🙂
We found a way to do our monthly meetups - on Discord! Come hang out with us in the voice channel on the 4th Saturday of the month; details on Facebook & Twitter & the Events tab on our website
We're super excited to announce our partnership with ComicBooks For Kids. Details on the website (and you should be listening to hear more, too 🙂)
Check out our sponsor page! Head to the website and click on the banners for Things From Another World! (Click through the TFAW banner on our site and we get a cut. Thank you!)
We added our picks to the website as their own page! It's an easy reference for you to find some cool stuff to read (especially in social distancing mode). So go check it out, and hit the site as you need or want 🙂 
Picks for the week of 9/29:
Sherlock Holmes: The Challenge of Irene Adler (Van Ryder Games)
Adventures of the Night Stalkers (Moonstone Books)
Marie Curie: A Quest For Light (IDW)
These Damn Kids! #1 (Second Sight)
Orision #1 (Second Sight)
Alias: Black & White #1 (Antarctic Press)
10 Years To Death one-shot (AfterShock)
Freakshow Kingdom (Second Sight)
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