To Which I Add "God Help Us" - Week of 1/29/20

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion on the history of Desilu Productions (created 70 years ago). They did a lot of groundbreaking stuff back in the day, and, surprisingly in that time period, was run by a woman for a lot of its existence. We talk about how it began, some of the things they did differently, some of the things they pioneered, some of the shows they made, and a bunch of other stuff. Plus our usual tangents galore and our comics picks of the week.
Come hang out with us! We have monthly meetups on 2nd Saturdays in Garland, TX; details on Facebook & Twitter & the Events tab on our website
We're super excited to announce our partnership with ComicBooks For Kids. Details on the website (and you should be listening to hear more, too 🙂)
What we're up to this week:
Read a bunch of comics, TV shows are starting up again, Supernatural, Afterlife, Locke & Key trailer, October Faction trailer(!), streaming services, Aaron Carter(?), image copyright law, AARP awards, consuming media to prep for the next several shows, we have a theme for February, we have plans for a bonus show in there too, a little behind-the-scenes look at what we do for the show, read Herobear and the Kid and EVIL Heroes and a Fangoria back-issue on Joe Bob Briggs (small tangent), Crisis crossover on the CW (positive), Brandon Routh's Superman
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