His Sideburns Were On Point - Week of 12/11/19

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of Star Trek on the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We're all Trekkies to some degree (despite what it may sound like at times), and this movie came out in an interesting time for sci-fi. We talk about a lot of the films, the cast, the story, the effects (including makeup), and a ton of other fun stuff. Plus tangents galore and our comics picks of the week.
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We're super excited to announce our partnership with ComicBooks For Kids. Details on the website (and you should be listening to hear more, too 🙂)
What we're up to this week:
Watching stuff again - Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four (2015)
Finished the Star Wars saga (finally 😉), holidays, fraudulent bank charges
Good holiday, quiet week otherwise
Picked up a Shazam trade from the 70s run, MST3K on Twitch
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