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Episode 15 - Behind the Curtain - Week of 6/8/16

Schedules and plans sometimes go awry, and so this week we present a bit of Fellowship history - our test recording with Holly. We're talking about comics characters we'd like to see in their own solo titles, and we stick to our own rules about as well as normal. And as always, our picks of the week.

Characters we mention:
Henry Lyme from Mind Mgmt
Doctor Doom
Mera, Queen of Atlantis
Blackhawk (the Will Eisner one)
Joacquim Morray from Lazarus (or Sonja Bittner, either way)
Ra's al Ghul
Lying Cat from Saga
Lying Cat (no really, two of us chose the same character)
Adam Strange
Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser (cheating a bit, but bear with us)
Bette Kane aka Hawkfire
Poison Ivy (Cycle of Life and Death is not enough)
Challengers of the Unknown
A non-specific, non-tricked-up western
Danger Girl one-shots
Any of the gods from The Wicked + The Divine

Also mentioned:
Atomic Robo and the Knights of the Golden Circle (when we talked about westerns)

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1
Wacky Raceland #1
The Fix #3
Empress #3
Aquaman Rebirth #1
Earth 2 Society #13
Renato Jones: The One% #2
Faster Than Light #7

You, the listeners!

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