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Episode 31 - The Way My Mind's Working, Unfortunately - Week of 9/28/16

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of delays in the comics industry. Ripped from the headlines, we talk a bit about how the printing process works, what happens to your local stores when delays hit, and how annoyed Les--I mean the average reader gets with said delays. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Mikey - nothing fun (houseguests over the weekend)
Les - on vacation in Hawaii (such dedication to call in from Paradise, even with technical difficulties)
The entirety of North Texas - in Hell (it's been a little hot this week)

Sidebar: Layout artists don't get the credit they deserve!

Picks for the week of 9/28:
Solar Man #2
X-O Manowar #50
Cryptocracy #4
Dirk Gently: The Salmon of Doubt #1
Star Trek: Waypoint #1
Star Wars #23
Honorable Mention: Make Mine Indie #2
Honorable Mention: Wonder Woman: A Celebration of 75 Years

You, dear listeners!

Question of the Week: How have you been affected by delayed books? Let us know on social media!

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