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Episode 47 - Interview with Ashley V Robinson - Week of 1/25/17

The Fellowship is pleased to present our conversation with Ashley Robinson, creator of the upcoming Jupiter Jet comic from Action Lab Comics (and a current Kickstarter campaign). She also edits comics for Top Cow, records a podcast (Geek History Lesson), writes plays, acts, and creates web series (The Red Shirt Diaries), She's pretty busy, and we're glad she took the time to talk with us. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
White Rabbit Project on Netflix
Reading Doc Savage and taking the missus to see Casablanca on the big screen
Catching up on reading & watching the NFL playoffs (tangent)

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Ashley's info:
Jupiter Jet Kickstarter:
Geek History Lesson:
JAWIIN on Youtube (The Red Shirt Diaries):
The Man Who Saved Everything play:

Picks for the week of 1/25:
Bloodshot USA #4
Lady Castle #1
Kamandi Challenge #1
The Mummy #3
Munchkin #25
The Stuff of Legend: A Call to Arms #1
Honorable Mention: Grimm Fairy Tales: Grimm Tales of Terror #1 (volume 3)
Honorable Mention: The Dregs #1
Honorable Mention: Stumptown: The Case of the Cup of Joe (volume 4)

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Special shoutout to the Now That I'm Older podcast, who released their 100th episode last week - check it out, it's an awesome show!
You, dear listeners!

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