Episode 49 - Reminds Me of Bicycle Repairman - Week of 2/8/17

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion and celebration of the 25th birthday of Image Comics. We go into the history of Image's birth and beginnings, and we also wax on some of our favorite works to come from them. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown - documentary I found on YouTube
North Texas Comic Book Show and Kamandi Challenge #1
For the Love of Spock [Thomas this time, not me rehashing it :-) -m]
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders ("streaming online")
Found an unopened copy of The Adventures of Superman Jose Luis Garcia Lopez collection at Half Price Books

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Happy 25th anniversary, Image!

Picks for the week of 2/8:
Weird Detective volume 1 trade
John Carter: The End #1
Justice League of America: Rebirth one-shot
Throwaways #5 [Note: #4 came out in October. -m]
Cloak & Dagger: Shadows and Light collection
All New Fathom #1 (written by Blake Northcott)
Honorable Mention: The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays

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