Episode 63 - That's One Hell of a Resume - Week of 5/24/17

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of Star Wars on (or near) the 40th anniversary of the first movie (A New Hope). We reminisce about our first experiences with the franchise, talk about its various influences on geek and popular culture, and speculate a bit about its future. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Twitch - I've been lurking there to learn more about DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online, where I'm also kind of a lurker - common theme)
More Twitch - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood streaming to raise funds for PBS
Even more Twitch - new Dead By Daylight update/release with Friday the 13th expansion coming soon
Twin Peaks is returning - an excuse to marathon the old episodes before the new ones start

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[Note: the animated Star Trek series was indeed 1973.]
[Note: the actor Thomas mentions was Julian Glover, not John. He was also a member of the Royal Shakespearean Company, if I'm not mistaken.]

Picks for the week of 5/24:
Vampirella #3 (Dynamite)
Casper The Friendly Ghost #1 (American Mythology)
Batman/The Shadow #2 (Dynamite/DC)
Pathfinder: Runescars #1 (Dynamite) [Note: the game released in 2009.]
Die Kitty Die: Hollywood or Bust #1 (Chapterhouse)
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland: Birth of Madness one-shot (Zenescope)
Honorable Mention: Red Team: Double Tap Center Mass #9 (Dynamite)
Honorable Mention: JLA Year One Deluxe Edition HC (DC)
Honorable Mention: Batman/Wildcat (DC)

Les will be attending the Famous Monsters con in Dallas at the end of May, which boasts a treasure trove of guests, including Christopher Mihm
Manny the Martyr - thanks for letting us use your music
#PodernFamily - an awesome group of indie podcasters supporting each other
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