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Episode 77 - Jack Kirby Tribute - Week of 8/30/17

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion on the 100th birthday of comics legend Jack Kirby. Kirby is at least partly responsible for a huge chunk of what we know of today as Marvel Comics, and he did some groundbreaking work for DC as well. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Begun research for a future "secret project" - watching some cool movies
Les' Big Bag o' Nothing® - quiet weekend, scifi meetup, nothing exciting
Quick trip out of town - glad to be home & recording

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Thanks, Jack, for all of the amazing contributions to the many worlds we still know and love today in comics :-)

Picks for the week of 8/30:
Justice Inc.: Faces of Justice #2 (Dynamite)
Darkseid Special (DC)
Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant's Fury #5 (IDW)
The Tick 2017 #1 (New England Comics)
Your Pal Archie #2 (Archie)
James Bond 007: Moneypenny (Dynamite)
Honorable Mention: Hero Squared Omnibus (Boom!)
Honorable Mention: John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction Vault #2 (Storm King)
Honorable Mention: The Comic Book History of Comics: The Birth of A Medium (IDW)
Special Mention: the new Tick series is now available to stream on Amazon Prime 

A fond farewell to comedy legend Jerry Lewis, who died this week at age 91 - condolences to his family and friends, and thank you, sir, for all the laughs
[Note: slight hiccup in the audio here; Thomas was saying that he didn't think he'd ever seen any of the films from when Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis actually worked as a team. -m]
Eddie Medina, who gets a shoutout for not being on this week's show (just kidding, of course - we asked him to join us, but he wasn't able to do so this week. Perhaps next time…)
Manny the Martyr - thanks for letting us use your music
#PodernFamily - an awesome group of indie podcasters supporting each other
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Question of the Week: what's your favorite Jack Kirby contribution or moment? Let us know on social media! And we'd like to do another Q&A show in the near future, so please send us your questions :-)

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