083 - More of a Christmas Film Than Die Hard - Week of 10/11/17

The Fellowship is pleased to present week 2 of Carpenter Month, featuring The Thing (1982). Antarctic researchers have to save the world from an alien doppleganger, and hijinks ensue. A box office bomb now considered one of the best horror films of all time. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Started watching Amazon's The Tick - so far so good
[Skype kind of squicked out on Les here. But it got better after this segment, I promise :-) -m]
Tangent: Superman's Reign - DC's "alternate world" run back in the 90s
Showcase Presents: The Atom - nice little origin collection
TCM [I think] showing 3 Dracula flicks consecutively - it's October, obviously :-) (also it's tangent time)
Facebook games - not so much the "cooperative" ones; Star Trek Timelines in particular; slightly addictive

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[Also, somewhere early in the discussion Thomas' microphone picked up a weird hum. Not a major deal, but an interesting sound effect had it been intentional :-) -m]
We didn't actually name the actor in the creature suit in the 1951 movie - it was James Arness (Marshal Dillon from Gunsmoke) 

Picks for the week of 10/11:
Gotham City Garage #1 (DC)
Archie Halloween Spectacular (Archie)
KISS Vampirella #5 (Dynamite)
Dan Dare #1 (Titan)
Taarna #1 (Heavy Metal)
Time & Vine #4 (IDW)
Honorable Mention: E.V.I.L. Heroes trade (Zenescope)
Honorable Mention: Justice League International Omnibus volume 1 (DC)
Honorable Mention: Redlands #3 (Image)

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