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105 - Not Gonna Be A Bitchfest - Week of 3/21/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of stories that didn't quite go the way we had hoped. Some stories have an element or a twist that just doesn't sit right, and we're talking about a few examples that we've come up with. Some are minor, some are major, and some are rant-inducing. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Horror Movie Archive channel on YouTube - cool old horror flicks ranging from the 1930s up to at least the 1980s
Going through the Previews catalog for May and waving byebye to all the moneys; also organizing the collection
Bad Flashdance joke; Picked up Sonitus and The XII by Alterna Comics - we definitely love us some Alterna :-)
The Complete Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin; also maybe bringing back a seasonal feature on the website???

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[Note: the Pathfinder series I was talking about was Worldscape. -m] 

Picks for the week of 3/21:
The Baker Street Four vol 4 (Insight Comics)
Factory #1 (Titan)
Hope one-shot (Renegade Arts)
Dept. H #24 (Dark Horse)
Wonder Woman Forgotten Legends collection (DC)
Pussycats: The End of Everything #1 (E-Comix)
We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust (IDW)
Vampirella #11 (Dynamite)
Honorable Mention: Corto Maltese: The Golden House of Samarkand (IDW)

Farewell to scientific icon Stephen Hawking, who passed away on Tuesday
Manny the Martyr - thanks for letting us use your music; check them out by clicking the link
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