114 - He Is What My Nightmares Were - Week of 5/30/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present another Casting Call - this time for the Tim Burton Batman "franchise." We're casting 1990-ish stars for some potential Batman allies and villains. We have a lot of fun with these, and sometimes we get a little creative with it here. Plus our usual odd behavior, of course. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Catching up on Knights of the Dinner Table, and watched Weresquito: Nazi Hunter
Batman: White Knight - two thumbs up
Bought a whole bunch of "dollar bin" comics, haven't gotten through them all yet
Marvel Epic Collection: Spider-Man volume 3 - good read, fantastic Romita Sr. art

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The characters we cast for our sequel(s) to the 1989 Batman movie:
Green Arrow
Poison Ivy
Ra's al Ghul
Mister Freeze 

Picks for the week of 5/30:
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding #1 (DC)
Harrow County #31 (Dark Horse)
Tinseltown #2 (Alterna)
2021: Lost Children #1 (Titan)
Superman by Mark Millar collection (DC)
Valiant High #1 (Valiant)
Man of Steel #1 (DC)
Judge Dredd: Under Siege #1 (IDW)
Honorable Mention: Where We Live anthology (Image)

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