116 - Did I Drunk Order That One? - Week of 6/13/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion on aging in comics. It's strange how some characters seem to age (Dick Grayson, for example) while others don't (Bruce Wayne, am I right?). How important is it? Does it matter at all? Opinions and silliness run free here, not surprisingly. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Fear & Loathing, The Black Monday Murders volume 2, started Mythic
Also watched Demon with the Atomic Brain (Christopher Mihm film)
Forgetting what we ordered from the Previews catalog…
The Wormworld Saga - nice little story
[Tangent about how one reads comics; we may have to revisit this one later :-)]
Screening of The Producers (1968) [And the obligatory Mel Brooks tangent - we're all huge fans, obviously]
Star Lord: Guardian of the Galaxy trade

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[Note: there was something a little wonky with Liz's Skype connection. She was getting an occasional background static that was quite overpowering at times. I cut out what I could, and we apologize for what's still there. -m] 

Picks for the week of 6/13:
Plastic Man #1 (DC)
Dejah Thoris #5 (Dynamite)
The Magic Order #1 (Image) [And a bit of a tangent on collecting :-)]
Dry County #4 (Image)
Hawkman #1 (DC)
The Incredibles 2: Heroes At Home trade (Dark Horse)
Ten Frames Per Second: An Articulated Adventure (Dynamite)
Stellar #1 (Image)
Honorable Mention: Atomic Robo and the Spectre of Tomorrow (IDW)

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