120 - It Makes Babies Slower - Week of 7/11/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present our presentation of ideas for crossovers between comic book characters and other, non-comic folks from (mostly) TV shows. Sort of in the vein of DC's recent crossovers with Hanna-Barbera characters, only with our signature flair (combining our particular tastes in these things, which comes across as weird at times). And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Doctor Who on Twitch - Baker is just so different as the Doctor
Also secret projects ;-)
Void Trip trade, Twilight trade (not that one)
Sitcomics books - very cool stuff; check them out at sitcomics.net

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Once we stopped ripping and started riffing, much fun was had by all :-)
Picks for the week of 7/11:
Relay #1 (Aftershock)
Little Girl #1 (Devils Due Publishing)
Twelve Devils Dancing #1 (Action Lab Danger Zone)
Xena #6 (Dynamite)
She Could Fly #1 (Dark Horse/Berger Books)
The Thrilling Adventure Hour: A Spirited Romance trade (BOOM! Studios)
Farmhand #1 (Image)
Memoirs of a Very Stable Genius (Image)
Honorable Mention: Doctor Who The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor: The Tenth Doctor Special (Titan) 

Farewell to Harlan Ellison, science fiction champion and mentor to so many
Manny the Martyr - thanks for letting us use your music; check them out by clicking the link
#PodernFamily - an awesome group of indie podcasters supporting each other; find a podcast on literally anything by searching the hashtag
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