123 - You Dare Question the Les-opedia? - Week of 8/8/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present another Casting Call episode. This time we're looking into the 1977 Spider-man live-action TV series, which lasted parts of two seasons. We've got some Spidey characters picked out, and we're choosing who we think should play those roles (as much from the time period as possible). Much fun was had by all, with a big dose of our normal weirdness, as well as our usual picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Missouri Swagger - video podcast on YouTube starring Cullen Bunn & Dennis Hopeless (spinoff of our show? You decide…)
Read a bunch of comics, but not willing to report (didn't like them) - shoot Liz some Marvel recommendations on Twitter @neumann_l  :-)
Les checked out the recent Sitcomics books - impressed with the quality
Busy working on background stuff for the podcast, so no comics this week (other than bagging & boarding)

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Casting Call for the 1977 Spider-man live-action series
We sure do have a blast with these, and we hope you do too (even if we get pretty danged obscure with some of the names *cough* Robert Walden *cough* Richard Lynch *cough*)
Note: the D'Onofrio movie Les refers to is The Whole Wide World (1996)
Another Note: Fred Grandy served in the House from 1987-1995.

Picks for the week of 8/8:
Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel)
Windhaven GN (Bantam)
Black Badge #1 (BOOM! Studios)
Maestros #7 (Image)
Charlie's Angels #3 (Dynamite)
Hey Kids Comics! #1 (Image)
Hot Lunch Special #1 (Aftershock)
Bloodshot Salvation #12 (Valiant)
Honorable Mention: Spider-Man Annual #1 (Marvel)

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