128 - Worst. Introduction. Ever. - Week of 9/12/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present a list of TV reboots or reunions that we'd like to see. There have been several successful ones recently, so we decided to try our hand at picking a few to suggest to the powers that be in TV land. We all have some interesting and varied ideas, and we add our usual silliness (maybe an extra dose tbh), as well as our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Comics pile - DC 100-Page Giants, Knights of the Dinner Table, Kickstarter book on deck
Labor Day (hope everyone had a good one), caught up on Supernatural, Marvel movie marathon (tangent starts here, but it's a fun one)
Football game at the University of North Texas which featured a post-game wrestling card featuring the von Erich family (local pro wrestling legends) (and another tangent; I'm impressed by the sheer quantity of movie references in this thing ;-)
Thomas' Big Bag 'o Nothing® - not much going on this week

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TV reboots and reunions - topics like this are fun for us because we learn so much about, well, if we're being honest, useless stuff. But that's what makes it all fun, right?
Picks for the week of 9/12:
Moon Maid #1 (American Mythology)
Oblivion Song #7 (Image) with a bonus: the first trade is out this week, too
Helm volume 1 trade (Action Lab)
Archie 1941 #1 (Archie)
The Wrong Earth #1 (Ahoy Comics - new publisher)
Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke (DC)
Frankenstein Alive, Alive! The Complete Collection hardcover (IDW)
Star Trek vs Transformers #1 (IDW)
Honorable Mention: Mystery Science Theater 3000 #1 (Dark Horse)

Condolences to the families of Gary Friedrich and Marie Severin, comics legends who both passed away last week
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