140 - You Will Believe A Man Can Fly - Week of 12/12/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present our celebration of the 40th anniversary of Superman: The Movie. It's still widely considered the best superhero movie, and the story of its making is probably more dramatic than the film itself. We've got a ton of info and opinion here, and our usual funny business, as well as our picks of the week.
What we're up to this week:
No Liz this week - get better soon 🙂
No comics, but an NBA game (which the kid enjoyed)
Reading - Liberty Meadows vol 2, DC Nuclear Winter issue, Burroughs anthology
Big Bag o' Nothing - busy with not-fun stuff
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So much drama in the making of this movie, it's scary. Some tangents on the sequels, too, but given the diversity there, it's not surprising 🙂 
Picks for the week of 12/12:
Vampirella vs Re-Animator #1 (Dynamite)
Planet of the Apes: The Simian Age one-shot (BOOM! Studios)
Sasquatch Detective #1 (DC)
Blackwood trade (Dark Horse)
Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1 (Marvel)
Mega Ghost #1 (Albatross Funnybooks)
The Quantum Age #5 (Dark Horse)
Punisher Epic Collection: Circle of Blood (Marvel)
Jingle Belle: The Homemades' Tale one-shot (IDW) 

Condolences to the family & friends (and fans too) of Ken Berry, who passed away this week
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