144 - Sure, We'll Go With Drunk - Week of 1/16/18

The Fellowship is pleased to present our celebration of the 50th anniversary of Monty Python's Flying Circus. It's actually hard to list all of the different ways this show broke new ground. And it also happens to be some seriously funny stuff. We talk about the history, the comedy, the censors, the spam, and a whole lot of other stuff. Plus our usual silly walks, as well as our picks of the week.
Come hang out with us! - we have monthly meetups on the 2nd Saturday at our local comic shop (A Galaxy Called Dallas in Garland, TX); details on Facebook & Twitter to come soon
What we're up to this week:
Still working on homework for episodes; also went to a G-league basketball game with family
Organizing comics; reading The Dreaming; prepping for tonight's show
Read a few books, nothing special
Podcast stuff and actual paid work
And Liz met her new niece 🙂
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Soooooo many Python quotes... 🙂
[Note: We mentioned KERA general manager Bob Wilson (even if we couldn't remember his first name), but programming manager Ron Devillier was also key in bringing Flying Circus to the states. -m]
[Another note: Monty Python Sings was released in December 1989, so extremely early '90s, right? 😉 -m]
Picks for the week of 1/9:
Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #3 (IDW)
September Mourning trade (Image)
Athena Voltaire #10 (Action Lab)
Ghostbusters: IDW 20/20 (IDW)
MegaGhost #2 (Albatross Funnybooks)
A Very DC Valentine's Day trade (DC)
Farmhand vol 1 trade (Image)
What If? Classic: The Complete Collection vol 1 (Marvel)
Honorable Mention: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder in Hell #1 (IDW)
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