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150 - Just An Excuse To Throw A Party - Week of 2/27/19

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion on collecting. For some it's a preference, and for others it's an obsession. We each have our own take on the acquisition of comics, toys, games, what have you. Buckle in for a long chat, folks, because we got tangents galore and a whole lot of other stuff. Plus more than our usual share of silliness, as well as our picks of the week.
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What we're up to this week:
Reading one of the huge collections of The Tick - great stuff
Reading Batman: The Damned #2 (get out your rant gear, everybody 😉 )
[Note: Les mentioned Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, and unfortunately it has not been collected. Get a wiggle on, DC! -m]
Bagging and boarding comics
Catching up on floppies; also, True Believers titles from Marvel, with a very cool Captain Marvel story; also, more Doctor Who on Twitch 

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Thank you all for reading this far, and also for hanging out with us for 150 episodes. It's getting pretty silly up in here with this one, and we very much appreciate those of you who are still sticking around 🙂 
Picks for the week of 2/27:
Punks Not Dead: London Calling #1 (IDW/Black Crown)
The Forgotten Queen #1 (Valiant)
Houdini: Master Detective #1 (Antarctic Press)
Shadow Play #2 (Scout Comics)
Man-Eaters #6 (Image)
Zorro: Legendary Adventures #3 (American Mythology)
Classics Illustrated re-issues
The Book of Magic #5 (DC/Vertigo)
Honorable Mention: Cold Spots trade (Image)
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