154 - Are You Speaking Voldemort? - Week of 3/27/19

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of Dungeons & Dragons and its 45 years of history, stories, and sometimes troubles. It's a game that has gone from accusations of Satan worship to a recent popularity blast thanks to livestreaming and podcasting in a couple of decades. Oh, and it's a lot of fun to play 🙂. We get down and dirty with it, talking history, telling stories, and a whole lot of other stuff. Plus our usual weirdness, as well as our picks of the week.
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What we're up to this week:
Quiet weekend, caught up on Hellboy, also Lazarus X+66
The Sequential Art of Amanda Conner, a wonderful DC collection
The Fadeout - Brubaker & Phillips awesomeness
The Rantcor Pit - Les & Thomas made a guest appearance last week, which you can check out on their website, and some talk of All-Con, a big local con here in Dallas
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Sorry, but I had to leave the Phil entrance thing in; it struck me as funny 🙂
Also, props to Critical Role and their ridiculous Kickstarter success, and go check out our buddies at the Murder Dice podcast
And a shoutout to all of the other RPGs out there that we didn't mention by name (and again for GURPS since the mention was a bit backhanded)
And again, if you want an RPG suggestion, tweet at me (@MikeyGeek) with your preferred genre and I'll find something for you 🙂 
Picks for the week of 3/27:
Bad Luck Chuck #1 (Dark Horse)
Dial H For Hero #1 (DC)
Star Bastard #1 (Scout Comics)
Middle-Earth: Journeys in Myth and Legend HC (Dark Horse)
Skyward #11 (Image)
4 different Show Me History books (Portable Press)
Heavy Metal Super Secret One-Shot (Heavy Metal)
Honorable Mention: Detective Comics #1000 (DC)
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