171 - I'll Try To Be More Interesting - Week of 7/31/19

The Fellowship is pleased to present another Casting Call episode. This time we're doing it a little differently - we're casting a new movie for Action Lab's Spencer & Locke comic series. It's a book that has been optioned for film, and it's got a deliciously dark storyline. We get into CGI, casting kids, movies vs streaming TV, and a whole lot of other stuff. Plus our usual odd behavior and our picks of the week.
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And we will not have a new episode next week
What we're up to this week:
Music documentary - Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark; very good doc, lots of family interviews, very sad ending
Dealing with sick kids all week, also homework for this week's topic
Homework, and Dateline reruns (tangent on true crime podcasts)
Meet & Gab was good, SDCC news, Fluxx has come to smartphones
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And if this is your first Casting Call with our show, you'll want to keep Google handy. We can get a bit obscure with the names when we do this. This one shouldn't be quite as bad as when we deep-dive into decades long past, but still...
And I referred to our last chat with Madeleine Holly-Rosing, which was episode 146. Check it out and go buy her book!
Picks for the week of 7/31:
Sham #3 (Source Point)
Dear Justice League collection (DC)
Manor Black #1 (Dark Horse)
Knights Temporal #1 (Aftershock)
Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume (Cartoon Books)
The Love She Offered #1 (Source Point)
Five Years #3 (Abstract Studios)
Killers #1 (Valiant)
Honorable Mention: Boston Metaphysical Society #1 (Source Point)
No new episode next week
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