176 - This Is How My Wife Describes Shows - Week of 9/11/19

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of the Ghostbusters "franchise." Not gonna lie, we're mostly talking about the original 1984 film here, which is a favorite of ours. We get into our impressions from our younger days, interesting casting tidbits, the mediocre sequel, the controversial reboot, and a whole lot of other stuff. Plus our usual odd behavior and our picks of the week.
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What we're up to this week:
Working on the #AllTheHorror stuff - should be some fun stuff unraveling soon 🙂
Reread The Fix (a twisted crime comic from a couple of years ago); also rereading another series to catch up for the fourth installment
Not the best week this week, waiting for luck to turn better
Also still working on secret projects, hopefully some news soon; also found an interesting Twitch streamer named Kitboga (he's a "scambaiter")
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The promised Hellafied Funk Crew link 🙂
And a bit of research after the fact tells me that Peter MacNicol and Kristy McNichol are not, in fact, related.
Picks for the week of 9/11:
Chainsaw Reindeer one-shot (Action Lab Danger Zone)
The Girl In The Bay trade (Dark Horse)
Beware The Witch's Shadow #1 (American Mythology)
Vamp #1 (Mythos Comics)
Napoleon Dynamite #1 ((IDW)
Grimm Universe Presents Fall 2019 (Zenescope)
Absolute Batman: Arkham Asylum 30th Anniversary Edition (DC)
The Secret of the Stone Frog graphic novel (Toon Books)
Honorable Mention: Little Jackie Lantern (IDW)
A sad farewell to Gordon Bressack, writer of a good bit of the animated shows we grew up with, who passed away this week
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