The Dorian Gray of Rock 'n Roll - Week of 1/1/20

The Fellowship is pleased to present a new Casting Call episode - this time for a new streaming series for the Secret Society of Supervillains. This group has an interesting array of bad guys, to say the least, and some good guys who you might not normally think about. So we give ourselves some rope and see what happens 🙂. Plus our usual tangents galore and our comics picks of the week.
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What we're up to this week:
Beware! The Blob - a very disconnected film, not horror but not comedy either; not recommended
Christmas movie overload, Loud Krazy Love (documentary on Korn from Showtime), My Chemical Romance reunion (go find the bootleg on YouTube), an Oscar Wilde tangent (not Liz's fault), an entitlement tangent (totally Liz's fault)
Very quiet week, no arrests
Saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (you gotta listen to hear the review), Mandalorian tangent, spoiler tangent, Snyder cut tangent
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Okay, the Dorian Gray thing: Liz was right about The Canterville Ghost, but I suspect the more likely candidate for being read in Texas schools would be The Importance of Being Earnest 🙂  

Picks for the week of 1/1:
Diana: Princess of the Amazons graphic novel (DC)
James Bond: Live and Let Die graphic novel (Dynamite)
Coaraptor one-shot (Antarctic Press)
Pink Lemonade Holiday Grab Bag (It's Alive)
Kringle one-shot (Source Point)
Killadelphia #2 (Image)
Star Wars #1 (Marvel)
The Mighty Elvis: A Graphic Biography graphic novel (IDW)
Honorable Mention: Wonder Woman: Warbringer graphic novel (DC)
No new episode next week
And Happy New Year! 🙂 
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