Les Broke The Podcast - Week of 8/5/20

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of Bugs Bunny on his 80th birthday. His first "official" appearance was in July 1940, though he had been evolving for a couple of years by then. We're all big Looney Tunes fans around here, let me tell ya. We talk about the wascally wabbit, some of his co-stars, a bit about his creators, a little bit of a tangent about modifying the classics, and a bunch of stuff in between. Plus our usual tangents galore and our comics picks of the week.
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What we're up to this week:
New comics today!, Bailey Sarian's true crime/makeup show on YouTube, drama in general, watching movies for homework, Classic Albums - Aja by Steely Dan, Special When Lit: A Pinball Documentary, kids and slingshots, plug for our Discord
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Hey, let's do a Q&A episode! Shoot us your questions and we'll answer them on an episode in the near future 🙂
Picks for the week of 8/5:
Oz: The Complete Collection (Marvel)
Vampire The Masquerade: Winter's Teeth #1 (Vault)
Alien: The Original Screenplay #1 (Dark Horse)
Patriotika #1 (Antarctic Press)
Scooby-Doo Team Up collections (DC)
Five Years trades (Abstract Studios)
Dark Ark trades (Aftershock)
After The Cape trades (Image)
Condolences to the family and friends of Olivia de Havilland, Peter Green, John Saxon, and Regis Philbin, who died this week
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