Episode 38 - A "Happy Restraining Order" Party - Week of 11/16/16

The Fellowship is pleased to present our chat about Atlas/Seaboard Comics, which tried to publish comics for about a year and a half in the mid '70s. They did some interesting things with some well-known creators, but just didn't get the sales to keep it going. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Shiny new Blu-ray copy of Red Dwarf XI
Brazos County STX Comic Con 2016 (in Bryan, TX) & meeting Howard Chaykin
Also pining for Netflix (despite it being available for sale)
Also shoutout to local artist Thomas Branch
Catching up on comics
Also working on Secret Fellowship Projects - more to come in the future…
Season 3 of Young Justice [Note: what I looked up post recording showed Warner Bros Animation but didn't specify an outlet yet]

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Show topic this week suggested by Eddie Medina (check him out on episode 17 of this humble podcast - or on his show, the Rantcor Pit podcast)
[Note: The Omega Man was released in 1971.]
And the link to the Atlas Archives website
And seriously, if anyone at Dynamite is listening, we'd love to have you on the show :-)

Picks for the week of 11/16:
Kill or Be Killed #4
Jackboot & Ironheel #4
Die Kitty Die #2
Moonshine #2
Britannia #3
Superman: The Coming of the Supermen collection
Honorable Mention: Reborn #2
Honorable Mention: Lady Killer 2 #3

Special shoutouts to the Amish Baby Machine podcast and The Countdown movie podcast - thanks, guys! Oh, and Jake & Tom Conquer the World :-)
You, dear listeners!

Question of the Week: any older comics you'd like to see rebooted or reprinted? Let us know on social media!

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