Episode 39 - They Have to Find Their George Lazenby - Week of 11/23/16

The Fellowship is pleased to present a discussion of comics properties that were killed by their forays into other media (movies & TV). We sidetrack a little (okay, a lot) on the new Dirk Gently series, the new Bone movie, and nearly everything else. And as always, our picks of the week.

What we're up to this week:
Big stack of trades to read (woohoo!)
Catching up on TV shows - Scream Queens, Dirk Gently, The New Howdy Doody Show (which is pretty annoying)
More teasing of secret projects
Teen Titans Omnibus (including primo teen lingo from the 50s & 60s)
[Note- the character in the new Dirk Gently show is Todd; the one in the book is Richard]

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Comic titles we listed that were killed by other media (or something like that):
Howard the Duck
Fantastic Four
Classic Battlestar Galactica (kind of in reverse)
X-Men (from two different angles)
The Punisher
Jonah Hex
Doctor Strange (looking into the future a bit, I admit)
Speed Racer & Thunderbirds
[Note- we really didn't plan to pick on Marvel so hard with this. It just kind of worked out that way. Sorry, Marvel; we still love you, and if you want to come on the show for a rebuttal, you're always welcome :-) ]

[Note- Jeff Smith's Bone won an absolute embarrassment of Harvey and Eisner awards during its run, and was a consistent New York Times bestseller.]

Picks for the week of 11/23:
Athena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess #1
The Black Monday Murders #4
Peepland #2
Super Powers #1
Hot Damn trade
The Great Divide #3

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, everyone :-)
And be careful if you choose to participate in the madness that is Black Friday

Manny the Martyr
#PodernFamily - happy first anniversary!
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You, dear listeners!

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