Episode oops - Technical Difficulties - Week of 11/30/16

The Fellowship regrets to tell you that we will not be able to release an episode this week. We had a tech problem which resulted in the total loss of the recording, and with the holiday this week we were unable to schedule a backup recording session. But please do not despair! We will return next week with another exciting episode, and if you need a fix please feel free to check out one of our previous shows (like the Terry Moore interview - we're rather proud of that one). And I did manage to salvage our picks of the week for your entertainment, listed below.

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Picks for the week of 11/30:
Romulus #2
No Angel #1
Spookhouse #2
Conan the Slayer #5
Sensational She-Hulk by John Byrne collection
Tesla and Hyde: Scary Fails #1
Honorable Mention: Robin volume 3 collection
Honorable Mention: new Kolchak collections
#PodernFamily - happy first anniversary!
You, dear listeners!

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