No episode this week - Week of 11/29/17

The Fellowship regrets to inform you that we were not able to record an episode this week. That said, I'm still posting our picks of the week. It’s the least we can do, right? And please check out our usual sponsor, of course, and if you'd like to contact us, how to do that is listed below. Thanks :-)

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Picks for the week of 11/29:
John Wick #1 (Dynamite)
Quarry's War #1 (Titan)
Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter #3 (Titan)
Neil the Horse collection (Conundrum)
Reactor #1 (Vault)
Santa Claus: Private Eye collection (Darby Pop)
The Ghost Fleet: The Whole Goddamned Thing collection (Image)
Green Arrow Annual #1 (DC)
Old Man Logan #31 (Marvel - starting the Scarlet Samurai storyline)
Vampirella #8 (Dynamite - new creative team)
Kill Or Be Killed #14 (Image)
Honorable Mention: local boy Donny Cates is pretty busy this week - check out some of his books :-)

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