178 - We're In For A Rant, Aren't We? - Week of 9/25/19

The Fellowship is pleased to present our Casting Call for an expansion of the 1952 Superman TV series. It brought the big guy into our living rooms in a whole new way back in the day, so we're expanding on that to try to spread the love around. We always have a blast with these, and we hope you do as well. Plus our usual funny business and our comics picks of the week.
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And this year's October theme: Vincent Price!
What we're up to this week:
Still working on the bonus show for #All The Horror - I think you guys are going to enjoy it
Tough week, don't want to talk about it (at least not again)
Ready Or Not - enjoyable movie
A good time was had at the September Meet & Gab; also something fun is about to go down, which we will announce next week 🙂 
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Strangely (or not, if you know us), we talk about a TV show from the 1950s, and our first tangent is on cellphones. Like you do.
And Thomas' microphone is still acting weird. Sorry about the dropouts 😞 
And as always, our warning to you: this episode is dripping with references to people who have been dead for a while. Don't Google and drive, is what I'm saying here 🙂 
Picks for the week of 9/25:
Casper's Haunted Halloween #1 (American Mythology)
Batman: Nightwalker graphic novel (DC)
Harleen #1 (DC Black Label)
Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #1 (Dark Horse)
Steampunk Glamour Gazette #4 (Antarctic Press)
Dark Tales From The Vokesverse 2 #1 (American Mythology)
Tales of Terror: The Bridgewater Triangle #1 (Zenescope)
Bloodshot #1 (Valiant)
Honorable Mention: Scooby Doo 50th Anniversary Giant Issue #1 (DC)
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