179 - Kids And Puppies, You Know - Week of 10/2/19

The Fellowship is pleased to present a big announcement: we're partnering with ComicBooks For Kids to help bring comic books to kids in hospitals. We're very excited about this (which will be evident when you listen). We also talk about the Rutland Halloween Parade, which is celebrating its 60th year next month. Plus our usual tangent-laden escapades and our comics picks of the week.
Come hang out with us! We have monthly meetups on 2nd Saturdays in Garland, TX; details on Facebook & Twitter & the Events tab on our website
We're super excited to announce our partnership with ComicBooks For Kids, including our appearance/collection drive at Red Pegasus Comics in Dallas. Details on the website (and you should be listening to hear more, too 🙂)
What we're up to this week:
Geek-out time because Good Eats is back! (Reality TV tangent)
Watching reruns of Mad About You in prep for new episodes coming soon (TV reboot tangent)
Super excited about our announcement this week 🙂 
Listener feedback is cool and feel free to keep it coming 🙂  

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Bishop Arts, here we come! We can't express how excited we are about CB4K, but please come to Red Pegasus on the 26th and ask us to try 😉 
And if you can get to Rutland for the parade this year, or if you've been before and have pictures, we'd love to see them and share them around. 
Picks for the week of 10/2:
Dead Eyes #1 (Image)
Ghosts 100-Page Giant (DC)
Bettie Page Halloween Special (Dynamite)
Man-Wolf: The Complete Collection (Marvel)
Vampire State Building #1 (Ablaze)
Dark Ark: After The Flood #1 (Aftershock)
Black Terror #1 (Dynamite)
John Byrne's Marvel Classics Artifact Edition (IDW)
Honorable Mention: The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of HP Lovecraft (Countryman Press)
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