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Pleasantly In Quotation Marks - Week of 5/6/20

The Fellowship is pleased to present our discussion of Crisis on Infinite Earths from DC Comics. This is one of the first big crossover events in comics, and is still one of the most talked-about storylines ever (not to mention the recent crossover treatment by the CW network shows). We talk about the book itself, the complexity of the story, the body count (spoilers, I guess), how important it was (and still is), and a bunch of other stuff. Plus our usual tangents galore and our comics picks of the week.
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What we're up to this week:
No Liz this week, catching up on Kickstarter bonus comics, finding new ways to waste time watching movies, director Jim Wynorski, Demolition High and Demolition U (maybe not cinematic gold, but fun), Tubi documentaries: Plastic Galaxy (Star Wars toys), Behind The Mask: the Batman Dead End Story (the semi-famous fan film), also roleplaying using video games (specifically Red Dead Redemption) on Twitch
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We added our picks to the website as their own page! It's an easy reference for you to find some cool stuff to read (especially in social distancing mode). So go check it out, and hit the site as you need or want 🙂 
Big shoutout to the Victims and Villains podcast for the huge undertaking of discussing this book and the CW crossover - I think it ran four full episodes! Go check them out 🙂 
Picks for ICYMI (the COVID era):
Pretty Deadly volumes 1-3 (Image)
Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Omnibus volumes 1 & 2 (DC)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Comic collection (Dark Horse)
The Sequential Art of Amanda Conner (DC)
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